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Who is Chidi Ajaere the young billionaire?

Who Is Chidi Ajaere The Young Billionaire?

Chidi Ajaere, CEO of GIG Groups, is a young billionaire with a compelling narrative to tell.Mr. Edwin Ajaere, a native of Isu LGA in Imo state, started GIG Group in 1998 under the name God is Good Motors with the goal of offering upscale bus services throughout Nigerian cities.

The Kidnap of Edwin Ajaere

When Edwin Ajaere was kidnapped and killed in 2009, his son Chidi Ajaere, who was 21 at the time, returned from the US and ran the business.
Since then, this has evolved into a top-tier, technologically advanced logistics business that also operates in other Nigerian economic sectors.

They had a wonderful son, Chidi Ajaere, who is changing logistics in Nigeria and working marvels.
The amazing Chidi's work is the GIG that we see today all throughout Nigeria.
They will be pleased with him.
The corporation aspires to accelerate advancement in all spheres of life and has aspirations to be among Nigeria's top conglomerates within ten years.

The Chidi's Impact

Chidi Ajaere has successfully broadened the scope of the GIG Group, which has resulted in the birth of additional subsidiaries, including GIG motors, Stellas banking and finance, Richmondhill Real Estate and Property, Ziuss energy, oil & gas, and GIG Aviation, the most recent subsidiary after the purchase of two Atr72 cargo aircraft for logistics services. GIG Logistics provides deliveries to the US, UK, China, and west Africa.
Over 5000 people work for the conglomerate known as the GIG group.

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