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What are the differences between  Christmas and  Xmas

What Are The Differences Between  Christmas And  Xmas

Christ and Mass are combined to form the name CHRISTMAS. Prior to the birth of Christ, the 25th of December was a PAGAN'S day for SACRIFICES. Later in the year 533 AD, Constantine, the leader of the then-Roman Church—the Roman Catholic Church of today—changed the day from a pagan day of sacrifice to a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. He made a day call.


1. In Hebrew, the word "Christ" means "The Anointed One" or "The Chosen One."
2. MAS stands for A Big Gathering of People in Greek. As a result, Christmas refers to the assembly of Christ's followers and disciples.
So whence did the term "X-MASS" originate?
Be careful!

It is thought that Atheists and Antichrists chose to replace it by replacing the word Christ with an X to signify that there is no Christ after the day of gathering of Christ's Followers, "CHRISTMAS," became well-known and recognized around the world. By reading X-MASS, it transformed the meaning to "there is no gathering of Christ's Followers."

Merry X-MAS IS NOT CHRISTMAS: X is frequently used to denote a person, entity, or factor whose real name is concealed or unknown. Let's not replace Christ with "X" because "X" has nothing to do with "Christ," "The Anointed One," or "Christ."

Therefore, as a Christian, use "CHRISTMAS" instead of "X-MAS." You might have erred by wishing them X-Mas rather than Christmas last year. Why don't you tell your Christian friends about this message? God bless you as you contribute to and work to fix this serious mistake. NOT "MERRY X-MAS," BUT "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

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