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The Restored Broken Piece

The Restored Broken Piece

Hi my name is Bolaji Folarin, am here to share my story with Storyteller today;

Since I was a kid I have had this spirit of bitterness, anger, and spirit of keeping things to heart, while in Junior Secondary School (JSS3), I was manhandled by my uncle’s last wife, who happened to be close to my mother while she was still alive. Whenever my uncle is not at home, being an orphan, that was the worst experience ever for someone I called my mother. Most times she threatened to kill me or ask my uncle to send me away.

After my JSS3 examinations, I planned on traveling to Jigawa to see my mother’s immediate older sister, which I related with my uncle and he agreed and even said I could go. In other to experience another city before coming back for my Senior Secondary School. 

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Little did I know that my uncle didn't call my aunt; instead, it was the wife's cunning plan so she could continue the evil acts she had been doing to me. A week before I was scheduled to travel, my uncle called to inform me that my trip had been canceled because he had called my aunt, who happened to be in Jigawa, and she had told him there would be no need for my coming.

My uncle was working the night shift that day, the fifth of August 2013, after he had left for work earlier in the day. She entered my room when the kids were all fast asleep, Oh! I failed to mention that she convinced me to have my own room so I could stay by myself since I was older than their kids. When I informed her I hadn't spoken to my uncle, she was outraged and unhappy with me. Later, when she had calmed down, she explained why I shouldn't be allowed to leave.

She added, "Bo, you can't leave right now because you have a lot of things to do for me." As I fumbled with my query, I said, "What ma'am?" that I'm unable to spend the holidays at my aunt's house?

You are such a young, active, and lovely guy, Bo, and you are always at home and willing to assist me in a variety of ways. You cannot simply depart in that manner. Before she started stroking me in a strange way and ordered me to leave without saying anything to anyone, I was wondering if I hadn't done enough around the house previously.

Because of the wife's counsel, my uncle decided not to let me travel; he was unaware of her objections. I was unable to talk about or share this occurrence (trauma) with anyone because I was afraid of being punished by this woman, not even my best friend (Tobi Akorede).

I'm currently enrolled in Senior Secondary School (SS1) first term. A preacher was invited to our weekly Friday school fellowship on the 19th day of classes.

Even though my friends frequently ask me to the fellowship, I refuse to go because of my GOD-forsaken bondage. I used to say I would go, but I never followed through. But on June 11, 2014, I made the decision to go with them to the fellowship. "JESUS STILL FIXES THE MISSING PIECE" was the fellowship's theme for that particular day.

That day at the fellowship ground, I experienced an odd pressure to leave when the altar call was given. "JESUS WON'T FIX IT, IF YOU DON'T ALLOW HIM," he continued. I went to the altar call to give Jesus my complete surrender after being prodded by an unknown source.

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I went to see the pastor that day after the program because he had asked me to do so during the benediction (closing prayer). When I first saw him, it was like I had seen an angel. I told him my tale and he began inquiring about my parents and siblings. When I told him about my mother's passing, I started to cry.

Further Information coming soon.


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