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The Pretentious Christain

The Pretentious Christain

I just heard a tale about a woman who was in a relationship with a gospel musician who was a believer but who did nothing to help her improve financially, morally, or socially. She overlooked him because he was a Christian, but now that he had achieved success, she was fed up.

The reason for this introduction is that I am reminded of something my pastor's wife said me during one of our conversations back when I was living in Ibadan, something I will never forget.

It does not imply that a brother has good character just because he is a Christian, leads prayers, is an effective usher, or sings well.

If he approaches you for a relationship or marriage, don't let the theatricals at the altar fool you; instead, ask him questions and make an effort to get to know him.
There are many so-called Christian brothers among us, yet their depraved morals stink to high heaven.

They cover up for their poor nature using religious activities and the Bible.

good sister Being a good pastor or prayer warrior is not the same as being a good spouse and father.

Many Christian women are unhappy in their marriages because they mistakenly believed that by getting hitched to a pastor, their negative behavior would be excused.

His background, his intransigence, his ego, etc. are not excused because he is a pastor or a prayer warrior.

Knowing that brings about calmness.

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