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Story of Kevin Hart the Mission Man

Story Of Kevin Hart The Mission Man

Philadelphia's up-and-coming comic Kevin Hart was 20 years old. He only had one goal in mind: to succeed as a comedian. He had to travel to New York daily because that was where the major comedy clubs were located in order to achieve it. Philadelphia's options were limited. He could have relocated to New York, but he lacked even one dollar.

He lacked even an automobile. But every day he persuaded his pal, a fellow comic, to take a gig in New York. 5 hours total for the trip. They engaged in this activity for over three days each week. He didn't even get to perform for almost a year. He was simply moving forward, learning from his master.

His pal informed him one day that he would no longer be traveling with him. Kevin tried everything to persuade his friend, but the friend was unreceptive. Kevin came up with a plan to get to New York on time even without a car. He occasionally received rides from his mentor; other times, he used public transportation. He was known as "Mission Man" by everyone around him because he was so intent on becoming a comedian.

He acted like an individual on a mission. He had a goal in mind. He had a purpose. The man dreamed. Nothing could convince him otherwise. Nothing!
Kevin Hart obtained a deal with ABC at the age of 23 to produce a program called "The Big House." His big break has come. He received more than $450,000 as compensation.

We should all strive to be "Mission Man," in my opinion. In order to fulfill our dreams, we need to develop the proper levels of obsession and tenacity. The big break will eventually arrive, and you need to be there to take advantage of it.

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