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Money and Marriage 1

Money And Marriage 1

"My wife moved out in August 2022. She woke me up one morning to announce that she had accepted a position in Abuja and would be departing Owerri for the location. When I asked her how she acquired the position, she replied that a friend of hers assisted her in doing so.

Considering that she had no contacts in Abuja, I had my doubts. Five years into our marriage, we now had two daughters. She became enraged and referred to me as the enemy of progress after I told her not to leave.
Both of us have degrees. I drive a keke. I look after them, pay their rent and school expenses, and just helped her build a little grocery store. She frequently lamented her lack of success and made comparisons to other successful women.
I was forced to cave. She stated we would all move as soon as she obtained a job in Abuja.

I questioned her about the company's name a month after she had left for Abuja, but she remained silent. Her phone number has been disconnected since I first pestered her to tell me where she works.
She is an adult who can care for herself, but when I phoned her mother to tell her everything, her mother and her younger sister said otherwise. Also, she left to search for greener pastures.

I inquired about their communication when I couldn't get her on the phone, but the sister replied that they weren't.
Her older sister visited in December to pick up the kids for the Christmas break. I went to pick them up when school started again in January and discovered that the sister had enrolled my children in a school close to where they reside.

She explained that the children should be nearer to them because the kids' mother was not present. I wanted to take my kids back by force, but her sister prevented me by promising to reimburse her for the money she spent enrolling them in the new school.
They urged me to leave the kids because they were with their aunt and grandmother during the altercation because they wouldn't harm their own sister's children, they said.

This week, my wife's sister sent a message on Facebook thanking her for the new automobile she recently purchased. She blocked me after I commented on the post. Simply put, I'm undecided. I'm unsure of my next move and what my wife is up to."


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