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How i got my first apple laptop (The friends impact)

How I Got My First Apple Laptop (The Friends Impact)

It happened in the middle of the year, 2019 when I got a call from my friend Doubra, explaining to me with excitement about the interest of an organization in designing and developing a website for its activities. After several discussions with my friend, He gave my contact to his boss at the time known as 'madam Rita' (Head of media unit) Christ Mercy Land “Aka” Arena of solution and power. She reached out to me and we had a negotiation on the price she was to pay for the job. We negotiated and came to an agreement and I was satisfied with the negitiation. 

The organization, a church to be precise is identified by the acronym “GSM” Global success Ministries and was founded by Dr. Chima Okeke, one of the popular and influential pastor around the world. One faithful day after returning from school, I got a call from the General overseer of the church, Dr. Chima Okeke requesting how long it would take to get the job done with his specifications. Two days later , I got a WhatsApp message from my friend after all efforts trying to reach him for a while failed. 

The message read: 'Prepare we are going to Lagos to meet with the founder of Global Success Ministries at his residence at Festac in Lagos, Nigeria. That was the third or fourth professional work I would work on outside my location, I discussed it with my brother, who later informed my Mum that I would be going to Lagos. I got messages from my Aunt and Mum that I should be careful and I prayed. Being a determined young boy, I took the risk and left for lagos. We got to Lagos very late that night due to heavy traffic on the streets of Lagos. How crowdy Lagos is! We then entered one estate at Festac Amuwo-Odofin.

We got to the church and we were both welcomed warmly by the Pastor and then taken to the hotel reserved for us. i and my friend took a quick shower and rested well. In the morning, we went back to the church to have a conversation with the man of God, Dr. Chima Okeke. After the discussion, he asked us to conclude with the media head who happened to be a graphics designer, Pastor Gideon. We were able to seal the deal and . analysed the time the project would be concluded 

We returned to Delta State the next day, since our final exam was around the corner. So, I had to upgrade my laptop at the time which I fondly called 'my sweet HP 250', that I collected from my cousin with half payment. After receiving the payment from GSM, I was able to pay him off. I got an Apple l;aptop for myself, paid in full and clean. That was how I was able to purchase my first ever apple laptop (Mac-book pro).

The main story of the Apple system may be published  on storyteller someday.

You need to have a friend like Doubra GOD bless you big time bro.


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