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Hakimist in Marriage or Christian in Marriage?

The big and intelligent footballer, whose “advice,” has strengthened the silent and unspoken viewpoints of many men towards women in marriage, has caused a stir on the internet today.

In honor of the “great” Moroccan philosopher Hakimi Achraf, I have given this viewpoint the term Hakimisionism.
Plan B-ing is the act of practicing hakimism (should in case your marriage crashes)
Hakimism is the idea that one’s wife will eventually turn on him or her.
When a wife is urged to divorce her husband, hakimisionism is the preventative motive that is implemented.
Hakimism is the lack of belief that divorce is ever a possibility in a marriage.
Hakimism is putting measures in place to lessen the impact of the divorce’s hardships.
Hakimism is the belief that a marriage may not continue forever, and as such, one should be ready for it in order to minimize their suffering should their marriage end in divorce.
Hakimism is the expectation and conviction that a marriage cannot endure and, as a result, you shouldn’t have complete faith in your partner.
Good for you if you’ve decided to marry a Hakimist, but if you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t be one!

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Christians in committed relationships don’t anticipate divorce.
Christians who are married actually depart from their parents’ home.
assemble a new family

In honor of the “great” Moroccan philosopher Hakimi Achraf, I have given this viewpoint the term Hakimisionism.
Christian marriages do not have a backup strategy.

Christians who are getting married don’t choose partners they can’t trust with their future.
Christians who are married don’t keep secrets from one another!
Christians in marriage are one with their spouse and have no need to tell anyone important life decisions unless they tell their spouse first!

We may encourage the atheist when he enthusiastically supports Hakimism, but if you are a Christian, ponder whether Hakimi’s choice was in accordance with God’s word.
And by the way, a marriage will work; you can’t expect it to fail! Hakimi may be “correct,” but his choice is anything but enlightening!
So stop spreading this Hakimism. Your union will endure. My will function. We’ll take our time to do it correctly. We won’t even think about getting married if we haven’t emotionally and spiritually moved on from our parents’ home.
Women are trustworthy. Guys can also be trusted! Don’t anticipate being betrayed! Believe God enough to stay with you until the very end if He has given you your spouse.
I haven’t written you if you’re not a Christian. Don’t even think about contributing your opinions here. Regardless of what you decide to believe on this matter, you are correct!
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