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Axel Adler 2023 Fully Funded Scholarship for Nigeria and other Africa Students

Axel Adler 2023 Fully Funded Scholarship For Nigeria And Other Africa Students

School and Scholarship Description

The University of Gothenburg offers an English-language study program under the Axel Adler scholarship. The Adlerbertska Scholarship Foundation and the Adlerbertska Grant Foundation provide funding for both undergraduate and graduate study abroad. The primary factor used to choose applicants is the applicant's educational background.

Degree Level: The University of Gothenburg in Sweden is offering the Axel Adler scholarship for 2023 to students enrolled in Masters-level studies.

The following topics are available for study under this scholarship program.

Benefits of the All Subjects Scholarship: The Axel Adler Scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition.

International students from any nation may submit an application for the 2023 Axel Adler Scholarship.

Eligibility requirements
You must be a paying student and have an international campus-based program as your first priority at the University of Gothenburg in order to be eligible for the Axel Adler Scholarship. Please submit your application via www.universityadmission.se by January 16, 2023, pay the application cost, and provide documentation of your ability to enroll in classes by February 1, 2023. Please see the document "Axel Adler Scholarship 2023 - Requirements and full information" for more details.

Application Process: On February 8, 2023, students who have prioritized applying to a program at the University of Gothenburg via www.universityadmission.se will receive an email with application instructions. You will receive an invitation to submit an application for the Axel Adler Scholarship at the email address you have provided on universityadmissions.se.

Please let us know by sending an email to scholarships@gu.se if you are eligible and have not received an email by this date (and have also checked your Spam mail folder).

CV and Motivation Letter

You must submit a CV and a Letter of Motivation with your application for the Axel Adler Scholarship 2023; these documents are utilized to choose the recipients. The motivational letter gives you the chance to showcase accomplishments from your resume. Other types of documentation cannot be submitted with your scholarship application.

Selecting a Candidate

Based on your CV and motivation letter from your scholarship application, academic staff evaluates and ranks your application. In order to determine your appropriateness for the program as well as your dedication and desire to study, the assessment is conducted in conjunction with the evaluation of your study program application.

For each program, one scholarship is given out.

There is an exception: Master's programs in music and performance and in fine art, crafts, and design will each get a total of four scholarships.

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