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An open message to social media queens

An Open Message To Social Media Queens

Katie became bored and decided to check her social accounts for any new updates, Instagram caught her eye, she scrolled through the list of posts but got stuck on the pictures of a particular girl, she checked on her pictures and couldn't help but wonder how on earth a human being could be so gorgeous, painted lips, cleavage-bearing top, polished fingers, face perfectly moulded, her pose is a seductive one with her boot perfectly shot out, and her smile is perfect Her timeline is inundated with "Can I get your phone number?" messages.

She looked through her photos and noticed several from earlier years where the lady seems so plain, fairly dressed without any flashy hair or exposing attire, and those photos get few likes.

Those photos depicted her appearance when she is dressed casually and has no purpose to impress anyone; after viewing all of that, she imagined other ladies who don't have enough money to spend on expensive make-up or cute-twisty looking hair. Inferiority sets in, and she begins to see herself as not beautiful enough; the false version of beauty is what is being circulated on social media, creating a false understanding of what is supposed to be; people now believe that if they don't wear glittering makeup, sparkling shoes from top brands, or buy a cream to bleach off their skin, they will be publicly rejected.

Humans are social animals; we always want to be publicly appreciated, and when we don't get the level of attraction or attention we desire, we begin to see ourselves as not good enough; we begin to believe something is wrong with us; and this belief leads us to believe we are not good enough or fit enough. Because that girl on Facebook is so cute, you begin to see yourself as less good than she is, and you begin to think how you can't let your guy stand with her for a minute and you are sure to lose him, but the reality is far from the truth, everyone has their time to strive and thrive, and if your relationship could be messed up based on your partner seeing a picture of someone new on the gram, then you should say good riddance to such relationship because it would

Receiving few likes or comments on your photos may cause us to doubt ourselves, yet receiving many likes or comments makes us feel superior, appreciated, and on top of the world; it makes us feel good and, in some ways, feeds our ego. I understand that most people's first concern is their social media account, but the rate at which it is devouring our actual human nature is concerning. It is causing problems that could lead to even greater problems if a wise action plan is not implemented.

This Christmas, I saw individuals uploading a lot of cheerful Christmas messages on their accounts and wishing their loved ones a Merry Christmas, and broadcasted messages are all over Whatsapp greeting their loved ones a Merry Christmas. I could vividly recall how a greeting like that was done in previous years, when we bought cards, wrapped nice gifts, and went straight to our loved ones' houses, wishing them an awesome celebration while jollifying and savoring every moment without being distracted by the wave of social media interests.

As I previously stated, everything has its time and space to grow. If you begin to place more value on scrolling, clicking, and liking every bit of your social media contents and it is affecting your personal life, you may need to re-think. Our family and friends matter more and they are the real contents of our lives that deserve excess, we should enjoy every moment we can with them, we are not designed to last forever.

There is someone with more or less of whatever qualities or attributes you have, whether you are tall or short, gorgeous or ugly, whatever the attributes, just know this and be at peace. Do your best in your own unique style, and enjoy the energy of life.

Peace ✌️.

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