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7 Australia Universities with Low Tution Fee

7 Australia Universities With Low Tution Fee

Access to Australian universities has been facilitated for students from other countries. They are quite generous in granting high tuition fees and living expenses for international scholarships. For instance, institutions in major cities like Queensland and Western Australia provide top-notch instruction to students from around the globe. Australia will soon have free universities. Additionally, before reading the highlight, I suggest you read the instruction on

Below are low tuition fee  AustralianUniversities:

1.    University of Divinity

The University of Divinity centers in Divinity, and it has been considered as part of the universities with affordable tuition fees. They have different courses such as ministry, theology, philosophy, etc. The application fee for the institution is $300 for an undergraduate course, and you must score nothing less than 6 if you are going to write IELTS.

2.    University of Southern Queensland:

The University of Southern Queensland is a small-sized institution that is situated in Queensland, Australia. They offer various courses such as health, law, science, education, business, and arts. Even people who live in rural areas can benefit from their education. There is no application fee attached to the institution, and there is no proficiency in the English language. The tuition fee is only $24,000 per year.

3.    University of Sunshine Coast:

The school is located in the region of Sunshine Coast, and it has been listed as one of the free universities in Australia based on the kind of educational program it offers for both postgraduate and undergraduate courses such as information technology, communication, tourism, education, etc. There is no need to pay any tuition fee, and for the English language requirement, it is expected for one to score at least 6 and above, while the tuition fee is $26,600 per year.

4.    University of Canberra:

This is a public university found in Bruce, Canberra, and it is among the free universities in Australia. They have different programs for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in design, technology, art, education, etc. You don’t have to pay any stipulated fee to get into the institution. The tuition fee is $26,800 per year.

5.    University of New England:

This is a public institution with the main campus situated in New South Wales. It has been included as one of the free universities in Australia based on its research in different educational programs. Every year, the school provides $5 million grants, bursaries, scholarships for fresher, and returning students. The application fee to gain admission is $100, while the tuition fee is $29,400 per year.

6.    Griffith University:

The university is known for research and it is found in Southeast Queensland. It has over 44,000 students on various campuses and offers programs in different areas such as health, music, science, aviation, humanities, and languages, etc. The application fee is $59, while the tuition fee is $29,500 for each year.

7.    James Cook University:

James Cook University is found in North Queensland, Australia. There is also a campus in Brisbane which offers education to foreign students with cheap tuition fee primarily on research in different fields like tropical health care, engineering, biodiversity, marine sciences, tourism, etc. The application fee into James Cook University is $100, and the tuition fee is $28,000 every year.

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